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Weighted Jump Rope By ASU Trainer

Weighted Jump Rope By ASU Trainer

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Effective, Efficient, Full Body The endless list of difficult choices you encounter on any given day is enough to make your head spin. Don’t add fitness to that list. Your wellness regimen just got easier with an activity that burns more calories in less time by combining cardio and strength in 1 swing.

Put your goals in the comfort-grip hands of the workout jump ropes for women and men by ASU Trainer. Tear Up Your Workout, Not Your Rope, ASU Trainer worked tirelessly to design a smart rope and structure to match your intensity. Choose from 4 variations equipped to endure years of workouts and ensure you demolish your training.

No-slip heat shrink handles– Durable Poly Dacron fiber rope– Wear-resistant nylon sleeve Tone and Burn Anywhere Where there is a gym or open sky; there is room to work out. Toss your 3-4.8 lb. heavy ropes for exercise training in their convenient bag and torch calories like a pro at: – The gym– Home– Travel destinations– The boxing gym– The park– The backyard.

All You Need in 1 Tool. Your professional jump rope by ASU Trainer combines muscle-building weight and intense cardio in this knockout exercise. Try jumping with a weighted rope for just 10 minutes a day and feel the difference before you know it. Your workout jump rope is exactly the game-changer you need. Add this tool to your routine and experience results that speak for themselves.

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