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Poly Dacron Weighted Battle Ropes By ASU Trainer

Poly Dacron Weighted Battle Ropes By ASU Trainer

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Optimize Your Exercise with quality equipment pump up with premium equipment from ASU Trainer! With two anchoring straps and a locking carabiner, your conditioning rope lets you tone and tighten your entire body with top-notch features that make a difference. Whether you exercise at home or a gym, upgrade your workout with ASU Trainer!

1 Rope, a Bunch of Body-Changing Benefits. With your fitness rope, each set and rep brings powerful results. Choose between 4 sizes for four intensity levels to start strengthening.

Your exercise rope: – Engages your arms, hands, shoulders, core, and legs for a full-body workout– Improves endurance, reaction time, and metabolic rate for sustained stamina– Sculpts and conditions muscles for better tone and strength– Burns calories for a fitter physique features Fit for a professional upgrade your workout with these fitness-changing features:

– Heat-Shrink Handles: Grip, don’t slip, with your rope’s handles! 7.5 inches in length, these handles are easy to grasp, don’t fray, and provide comfort—without the hassle of gloves. – Full-Weight Rope: Tone and tighten with reliable resistance and movability with your premium Poly Dacron gym rope.

– Pump up with a protective sleeve! Its tough nylon enhances durability by stopping friction and deterring dirt and sand. Why wait? Dominate your workout TODAY by adding ASU Trainer’s battle rope set to your cart!

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